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Tex was born in TX but lives in Canada

Dakota and Fortune, Bluegrass girls in Illinois

Luke was meant to belong to Celeste in Virginia

Jelly Bean, another beauty by Encore

Pistol, Cowtown's ranch manager

Dash looks a lot like his dad Encore

Butterfinger in Germany

Trinity, a lovely Legacy daughter

A beautiful portrait of Patch

Tundra can MOVE

Sundance grows up in CO

Merlin and Lesley in snowy BC

Cobi and his best friends

Sparkle, one of Encore's beautiful daughters

Our friends in Vancouver love their Bluegrass dogs:  Maya, Ray, Jett and Dakota!  They all came to work together today.

Jackson is Lesley-Anne's new friend in Ontario, Canada.  Before 4 months of age he was already visiting seniors and practicing to be a therapy dog.

The Kasten family in Wisconsin love their mini Aussies.

The Zimmerman Family
and their Zoey

Daks lives in Washington with Davey and Gloria

The Ayers' boys in New York:  Jones and Otto.

Quigley and Finn get to go camping in British Columbia with Shira.

Rum, owned by
Julane White

Dakota lives with the
Briggs family in Iowa

Happy Halloween from Smudge and Dodger.
Dillon and Jeannie Fine
Dillon and Jeannie Fine

Here is happy Sushi with her new parents Laura and Warren.

Sidney enjoys a cool drink in the Mullen's yard in New Jersey

Thelma & Louise,
Owned by Jim and Sheryl Overman

Aren't Regina and Frisco just beautiful?

Bill Ogle with 
Ch. Bluegrass Shagg,
Ch.  Bluegrass Solo and 
Ch. Bluegrass  Lullaby Skye

Here are Trevor and Sarah Hill,
happy with their new puppy Dakota

The Beringers in Washington say that  Kodi is smart, incredible and has a wonderful temperament.  Here he is with his friend Kosmo

Judy Linder and her friends: Ch. Bluegrass N Jazz,  Bluegrass Allison, and Cowtown Rikki of Bluegrass.

Julie & Joe Rose just love
their Bluegrass Quincy

Castleberry's mini Matilda
with their standard Simon.

Here are Tim and Sarah Dikun with
good friends Lexi and Amber

Here are the Crowder girls in NC with their Fancy puppy

The Mendiburu children and their mini Aussies at Christmas time.

Lily is happy with her
family, the Kiellys

Scorch and Ranger are the best of pals
at the Rosenberger's in OK

Orion is the "handler" at the Dapper's
grooming studio in CA

Ryan and Joy Shea love their new puppy.  Wow!  Ryan and Dakota look just alike!

Ralphie and Tillie enjoying porch time at home with the Forsters.

Besides the entire Priest family, Emma the kitty 
is Koda's new best friend.

Here is Jon Wells and his friend Max.

Patch and Miles are the Riesens' 
favorite red heads!

Beautiful Ralphie lives with Lou and Mariann in North Carolina

Finnegan keeps watch.

Photos courtesy of each owner

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