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We were so enamored with this cross last year that we wanted to try it again. We think we made a good choice. Our dam CHANDREA'S RED WHITE AND BLUEGRASS aka 'HONOR' is a lovely girl who is gentle, kind, and so beautiful. She loves our couch but loves her children as well. MAYES MERCYME TURBO JETT aka 'TURBO' is the sire and is our exuberant, handsome, and friendly little boy to all who visit. The mating of these two should produce dogs who can excel in any sport, game, or endeavor that you may choose. They were born on May 20 so will be eight weeks of age on July 15th. We have chosen the goofy theme of comic book exclamations!!!!.


Honor Honor


Turbo Turbo


Honestly, BAM is a little package of entertainment! She is a comedian with her funny antics and goofy activities. BAM is one of only two little girls in our litter. She is shiny black with bright white trim - a charming combination who looks like dad. BAM is available


Little Miss BOOM is our other girl. BOOM is a cute and appealing petite red tri girl, darling in every way with an expressive face and and delightful personality. Her dark mahogany red sets her apart from other red dogs. BOOM is available.


ZOINKS is a stunning, brilliantly marked red merle male. The fact that he has a bit too much white on his face to satisfy our breed standard has allowed him to keep his tail! Lucky him and lucky you if you would like an agility prospect or a puppy who would love to do anything on your agenda. ZOINKS IS AVAILABLE.

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