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Introducing our litter of six little beauties born on April 4th. Our dam is a daughter of our beautiful Quest and lovely Ginny, both of whom you can see on our Adult Page. Her name is BLUEGRASS FOXY RED and she was born right here at home. Now living close by at a neighbor and friend's home, we bred RED to our little MAYES MERCY ME TURBO JETT and check out the resultant puppies. We have loads of flash and terrific dispositions. Email me for more info!




Flashy little black tri girl is the smallest of the litter but she is unaware of that. We call her BLACK EYED SUSAN and she is AVAILABLE. She has nice structure, a lovely and friendly disposition, and is about as appealing as a little girl can be!!!


Meet PAINTED TRILLIUM, our fancy red merle boy. He has great substance, a dramatic head, and is a fine example of our breed. With his excellent structure he could be asked to do any dog sport that may suit your fancy. We think he will excel! PAINTED TRILLIUM is AVAILABLE.


HAWTHORN, our red tri boy, shows lots of promise with his sound structure, compelling attitude, and dark red coat. He is flashy, attentive, and altogether appealing. HAWTHORN is available.


Here is a miniature TURBO, as FORGET-ME-NOT is quite the image of his dad TURBO with his shiny black coat, handsome looks, and fetching attitude. FORGET-ME-NOT is self assured and will win your heart with his affection. FORGET-ME-NOT is AVAILABLE.

HEARTLANDS THREE TIMES TO BLUEGRASS has delivered a terrific litter of seven sired by PATCHWORKS WORLD TRAVELER. We call mom Ginny and she is 16.5" and a very sweet black tri girl. Traveler is a small 15.5" blue boy and Chatter's litter and Ginny's litter here are his first offspring. We look forward to raising them and sharing them with you. I admit to being an AVID Elvis fan so you will understand our litter theme. Let us know if you would like more information about Ginny's puppies.




TEDDY BEAR is an adorable black tri boy with flashy white trim, deep copper, and a wonderful expression. He is a jubilant boy who has confidence, beauty, and brains. He will offer unconditional love and be a winning addition to your family. TEDDY BEAR is AVAILABLE.


I WAS THE ONE is a black tri girl who is playful, people oriented, and a true social butterfly of a puppy. She is bursting with charm, has a stocky little body with good substance, and can adapt to whatever your lifestyle calls for. It is the nature of the breed to your best and cheerful pal. I WAS THE ONE is AVAILABLE.


One of you blue merle girl fans will be fortunate to call first about TUTTI FRUTTI, who had a buyer who, unfortunately, had to wait to get his puppy a bit later in the year. So TUTTI FRUTTI has become AVAILABLE again. Her lush coat and glamorous looks make her a classic in miniature.

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